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EST. 2016

Serving Wilmington and the surrounding areas with quality fasteners, industrial and safety supplies for nearly a decade!


With over 75 years of combined industry knowledge and expertise, our well informed team at BMB have dedicated our lives to the fastener industry since the 1970s. Owner and founder of BMB, Jay Minichino, began his career in the fastener world in the late 1990s. Working for a well known, family-owned fastener company in the Northeast, Jay has paved his way in the industry with the help of his mentor. Later serving as the president of the MFDA (Metropolitan Fastener Distributors Association) for a number of years, Jay was among the longest standing presidents of one of the nation's largest fastener organizations.

Through his 30+ years in the industry, along with his decades of volunteering with a number of organizations including the MFDA and the Fastener Industry Coalition, Jay has had the pleasure of meeting and befriending a number of the industry's finest and most knowledgeable people, learning and studying from them.


In 2015, our family relocated to Wilmington in search of a slower pace of life (island style as we call it), along with sunnier, sand filled days. Since then, our family has grown up here, with our children having gone through many, if not all of their school years in New Hanover County. Our friends, family and neighbors are here in Wilmington, and so is the place we are proud to call home.

In 2016, our family opened the doors to BMB Fasteners & Supply for the first time. Starting out in a small workshop slightly larger than a double car garage, we have since grown to a nearly 6000+ sqft facility located in Ogden Business Park in effort to better service our growing region with a wide variety of inventory available "off-the-shelf" for local businesses and industries here in our area.

In the near decade that we have spent in Wilmington (and almost twenty years visiting the area) we have seen our region transform and change in a number of ways. We will always remember Wilmington for the small, sleepy beach town it once was (especially during the off season). But these days, Wilmington is a bustling metropolis busting at the seams with economic and geographic growth that is pushing the boundaries of what this area once was.

Our company is here to do our very best in supporting the ongoing growth of our region in every way possible to ensure we offer the highest quality products at the fairest prices possible. We are ever so grateful to the community that allows us to go to work in our shop everyday and provide their businesses with fasteners, tools, supplies & more. We are filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to call Wilmington and it's residents our neighbors and friends and look forward to serving our community forever and always.

We appreciate you shopping local and small businesses and want to take this time to thank you for supporting our family company! After all, local businesses are the backbone to our community, and we will always be here to support that!

-The BMB Fasteners & Supply Team

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